Lauren & Killian Sharp


We’ve all seen movies portraying the most perfect fairy tales, and although they are magical and touching, we can’t help but sometimes think that stories like these are unrealistic and basically not how love really works. I was one of those people who thought that real life fairy tales didn’t exist, but mine and Killian’s love story has been nothing short of just that.

We first met while I was working in London, England as a teacher. It was during a social event thrown by the agency I’d worked with for 2 years, and the one Killian had just joined, when our paths crossed. The event was my going away party, as my work visa for the UK was nearing expiry, and I’d already booked a flight home for the end of the summer. After one, or maybe a few ciders, I started talking to the manager of the agency about how I didn’t want to leave and how my best bet now was to find someone to quickly marry. From not too far away, the next thing I heard was someone declare, “Oh, I’ll marry you!” That was Killian.

The next month was an incredible whirlwind. Killian and I got to know each other quickly, by going on many unforgettable dates in one of the greatest cities in the world. After a few short weeks together, it was obvious that our paths had both been altered, and saying goodbye to Killian would be one of the hardest things I would ever have to do. Although at first our future together was uncertain, over the next few months it became clear that, no matter the distance, we were determined to make our long-distance relationship work.

We next got the chance to see each other at Christmas, which was several months later. I knew Killian had booked a flight to spend the holidays in St. Marys with my family and I, but he completely knocked my socks off by showing up a week earlier than I’d anticipated! Our time spent together over the holidays was absolutely amazing and, again, goodbyes were the last thing either of us wanted to do.

Over the course of the following year, Killian and I each made a couple trips across the pond. We’d spend a few short, but perfect weeks together and then we’d have to say goodbye again.

This past Christmas, I flew to England to spend the holidays with Killian and his family, as he’d done for me the year before. Christmas apparently wouldn’t be complete to Killian without knocking me off my feet again with some extravagant surprise. This year it involved a special night out. Killian had given me very few details about the date, other than that we would be ice-skating. As it turned out, he’d picked one of my very favourite spots in London as the setting; The Natural History Museum, complete with an ice rink, a Christmas tree and millions of sparkly Christmas lights, which provided the perfect backdrop for a proposal. Killian had arranged beforehand to have the DJ play “our song” and when it came on, Killian got down on one knee (in skates, nonetheless) to ask me to marry him. For me there was no other answer but YES!

Over the next couple weeks, while still in England, Killian and I began thinking about what we wanted our wedding to be like. Right away, I thought of the St. Marys Golf and Country Club. I’d been a part of a beautiful wedding there the summer before, just after all the renovations had been completed. Before I flew back to Canada to really start planning, I’d already been in touch with Ashton, the Club’s Wedding & Event Manager, about arranging a meeting.

I flew back to Canada on a Friday and met with Ashton the next day. After seeing the venue again and talking with Ashton, I realized that this would be the perfect spot for our day.

Wedding plans came together very quickly; and they had to, as we’d only given ourselves about three months from proposal to wedding day! Initially, I was worried about having to more or less plan and put things together on my own, as Killian was in England and wouldn’t be arriving until two weeks before the big day. In those three short months, I became very grateful for technology, as it allowed Killian to be involved in every aspect of the wedding, and for Ashton, who was there every step of the way, to answer all of our questions and offer suggestions and advice.

One of the first things Killian wanted to do when he arrived back in St. Marys was see the golf course, as he’d only been able to see pictures. He, like everyone else I know, was in awe of how beautiful the venue really is. The wall of windows over-looking the grounds, the bar, the amazing ceiling feature at the center of the banquet hall, and the simple but elegant room décor, all compliment each other and make for a lovely space.

The next couple weeks were a blur, and wedding weekend had arrived before we knew it. The Friday before the wedding, we were able to go in and set up a few of the personal touches we’d planned to include, before our rehearsal took place. Seeing how everything had all come together was an unbelievable moment, and I remember Killian and I just looking at each other and saying, nearly at the same time, “This is where I get to marry you!”

The next day (our wedding day) went off without a hitch! It began with my crew and I getting ready in the Club’s beautiful Bridal Suite. The day was so relaxed and fun that I was almost convinced we were doing something wrong; as it wasn’t at all the hectic, frantic, stressful few hours that wedding days are sometimes made out to be.

At exactly 3:00pm that day, I walked into the banquet hall, and down the aisle towards the beautiful view of the golf course, and my handsome groom. It was a moment I will always remember.

After our ceremony, Killian and I greeted our guests outside on the patio, as we were spoiled with a gorgeous April day. We took advantage of the sun and the grounds, which had been covered in snow just a few short weeks before our wedding day. Most of our photos were taken in front of the lovely scenery the golf course offers, and a short time later, Killian and I were introduced to our guests for the first time as Mr. and Mrs. Sharp!

The rest of the night was filled with a delicious dinner, touching speeches, lots of mingling, and some great dance moves. It was a perfect day, in the perfect space, filled with countless moments that we will hold dear for years to come.

We would recommend the St. Marys Golf & Country Club to absolutely everyone, as the spot for their big day! The Club’s staff went above and beyond in making our wedding day one of the best days of our lives, and truly a day we will never forget.

Story by Lauren Sharp
Photography by Nina Polidoro Photography