Robin & Michael McCurdy


Michael and I were high school sweethearts.  Our love story began at the age of sixteen, when we met playing for our school’s tennis team.  Michael was really good at tennis, and took it very seriously.  Me on the other hand, I really only joined as an excuse to miss some school and hang out with friends!  My friend Lauren and I would sit and chat on the sidelines as Michael practiced, which probably annoyed him to no end. Despite the fact that I didn’t take tennis as seriously as he did, we became good friends throughout the season and started hanging out together outside of school.

It wasn’t until January of that year, in grade eleven, when we really started to become an item.  Michael asked me to the movies one night, and from then on we have been inseparable!  Even though we went to separate colleges, we didn’t let the distance affect our relationship. We were lucky enough to have found our other half so early in life, grow up together, and still support each other in achieving our own goals.

When Michael asked me to marry him, we had been dating for nine years! Although we had been together for a long time, I was very surprised when he proposed. I had gotten so comfortable with our day-to-day life that it never occurred to me that he might be planning a proposal. Like a true gentleman, Michael first asked permission from my Father, who kept the secret under wraps - even hiding the news from my Mother!

As a little summer getaway in early July 2015, Michael and I had rented a cottage for a few days in Halliburton.  On our first night there, we laid out on the dock, looking up at the stars and listening to the lake water wash up onto the shore. All of a sudden, Michael got up (and then down) on one knee with my ring in hand. I was completely shocked and was shaking like crazy, almost dropping the ring into the water below!  After saying yes, the first person I called right away was my Mother, and as you know, she was just as surprised (and excited) as I was!

A month before our engagement, Michael and I both had the pleasure of being in a close friend’s wedding party at the St Marys Golf and Country Club. Immediately, we fell in love with Ashton [the Club’s Wedding & Event Manager], who really went above and beyond to make our friends’ wedding run smoothly.  With Ashton’s organization and friendliness, and the overall incredible service and atmosphere at the Golf Club, we knew the venue offered everything we would want one day for our own special day!  So, after the proposal, the St. Marys Golf & Country Club was the one and only venue we considered.

Since we always envisioned a winter wedding, we arranged to get married that January 9th, which was only six months after the proposal and also our ten year dating anniversary! From the very beginning, we pictured our wedding to have an intimate and romantic feel, where we could be surrounded by our closest family and friends. The Golf Club offered us so much flexibility with our vision – allowing us to use their Clubhouse Lounge for our Ceremony, with their beautiful field stone fireplace as our backdrop, and then their Ballroom for our Reception. We even took all of our photos on-site as well. It was so easy and enjoyable having everything in one place, and everyone, including us, were relaxed the entire day!


After getting my makeup done at home by Heather Sydorko of Makeup Artistry by Heather, I went to the Golf Club to put on my wedding dress. Myself, my Mother and my bridesmaids used the incredible Bridal Suite at the Club to finish pampering, take some Bridal Party photos, and relax before the big moment. I remember when I first walked into the Club that day, and saw all of the decorations and flowers. Everything looked absolutely amazing, and it took my breath away! I worked with Kim of Above & Beyond and Julie of The Flower Shop & More, who completely captured my vision, creating something from my wildest dreams and way beyond my expectations! There were white and blush roses everywhere, and lots of candlescapes and greenery. Best of all, Kim surprised me with an over-sized marquee love sign that she didn’t even have in her inventory when I originally brought the idea to her! The sign sat on the fireplace ledge, where we were married, and it pulled everything together perfectly.


Following the Ceremony, our wedding party and all of our guests used the fireplace and love sign as a backdrop for photos. Along with the insane talent of our photographer, Nina Polidoro, and the beautiful scenery around the Golf Course grounds, our photos are simply stunning.

For our Reception, we had given a special request to Ashton to have our dinner table setup in a large horseshoe, so that everyone could eat and mingle together as one big family. Ashton’s team and Above & Beyond did an incredible job arranging the table!  It was romantic and intimate, and accented with tons of glowing candlelight, just like we wanted! And when it came to the meal, we were blown away. In keeping with the time of year, Chef Jason and his team did a phenomenal job with our turkey dinner, and so many of our guests said it was the best turkey (and potatoes) they have ever eaten!

IMG_0764 copy copy.jpg

When I look back on our wedding day, there are so many moments that I’ll always remember!  Like when I walked down the aisle towards Michael and I could see him crying, and how I had just finished pulling myself together before I walked out! So many of our friends and family said that when I walked down the aisle, mine and Michael’s reaction to each other made them cry too.  That moment truly could not have been more special. I  also remember being outside taking pictures around the snow, and getting the bottom of my dress all wet.  Ashton came to my rescue with a blow-dryer, and she made sure that I was quickly back to normal! And I fondly remember how Ashton and her team arranged a champagne toast for us immediately following our Ceremony, when the staff came out with brimming champagne flutes for all of our guests, and we toasted to a happy and healthy life together as husband and wife! Such a magical moment.


Michael and I were so lucky to be able to enjoy our special day to the fullest!  There were very few bumps throughout the day, all of which were graciously smoothed over by Ashton and her team! It’s details like the blow dryer that really put your mind at ease, because you know that the St. Marys Golf & Country Club will take care of any minor obstacle. The day was nothing short of everything we hoped for. It’s a day we will never forget, and we owe thanks to all of the people and vendors involved in organizing such an incredible day!

Looking into the future, Michael and I have plans to travel the world, exploring new places together as once [and always] best friends, then high school lovers, and now husband and wife!

Story by Robin McCurdy

Photgraphy by Nina Polidoro