Heather & Luke Olbach


I was never one to dream of the perfect wedding day when I was younger. I didn’t have my flowers already picked out, or know exactly what dress I wanted. My wedding slate was blank.

But for about six years now I have known the man that I wanted at the end of the aisle. My new husband is the love of my life, my high-school sweetheart. And if everything had gone completely wrong on March 21, 2015, it wouldn’t have mattered, because I was marrying him.

Luckily for both of us, besides some minor glitches (a little rain, a lost cell phone, a ripped bustle), our wedding day went off like a dream.

In a little church in Woodstock, Ontario, at 3:10 p.m., I walked down the aisle with that man standing at the front, beaming at me like he had never seen anyone more beautiful. And in a moment I will never forget, Luke and I promised to love and hold each other forever.

From there we were whisked away in a whirlwind of photos and ‘Congratulations’ to the St. Mary’s Golf and Country Club. When we walked into the hall that night for the first time as “Mr. and Mrs. Olbach,” I knew my wedding was going to be more amazing than I had imagined.

Ashton, the Wedding & Event Manager at the club, had done an amazing job making the hall look incredible. We had been unable to set up the hall ourselves, as the club had hosted another wedding the night before, so walking in as husband and wife was the first time we saw everything all pulled together.

And it was beautiful. I felt as if I had been swept off my feet and placed within a fairy tale. Ashton had managed to take the hall’s elegant simplicity and turn it into something that perfectly reflected me and Luke. Small touches of us were everywhere. From blue orchids (our chosen flower) being sprinkled in and around the hall, to a mirror with “Mrs. Olbach” written on it being placed in the Bridal Suite.

Then there was the food. After our wedding, we received a ton of compliments on how absolutely delicious the meal was, and many of our family and friends even said that it was the best food they had ever had at a wedding! We cannot even begin to thank Jason, the club’s Head Chef, for preparing such an incredible meal for us.

The whole day feels like a blur now. A blur of smiles, dancing, laughter and love. I will forever hold on to the memories that I captured in my mind like photographs. Though I had never dreamed of my wedding day, if I had, it would be exactly as it had happened on that rainy, beautiful March day.

If I could do our wedding day all over again, I would not change a single thing. Minor flaws and all.

Story by Heather Olbach